Pavol Kohutiar

Pavol Kohutiar, Chief of MERA, has over 10 years experience with top engineering firms designing efficient, economical building structures throughout the world.
Pavol became a master of engineering in 2003, after studying at the STU in Bratislava. After his education, he started working at PIO Keramoprojekt in He did various projects.
After working here for three years, he moved to Ireland where he joined WalshGoodfellow, helping to design post tension slabs. Some of his key projects here included long span post tension slab – Englinton street development in Cork, Chase project in Dublin, Red Oak in Dublin, Olympic media centre in London, Hospital in Enniskillenand Greenwich Reach in London. We got in touch also with high rise design. After the amazing irish stage moved to Centroproject in Czech republic to take over the design of gas power plant in in cooperation with SES Cogeneration unit WEST in Bratislava, Reconstruction of BATA factories and basic design of coal power plant YE in Turkey. The passion to design take him to BAT engineering to follow the detail design of YE project and spent more than half and one year like Resident engineer at PROMER company in Ankara, Pavol's latest project include coordination of multidisciplinary engineering for the coal power plant Yunus Emre in Turkey starting with basic design, following detail design, finishing as resident engineer in Ankara at PROMER company and design surveillance directly at site, 2014 established his own company MERA.